The Gallery at 1st Stage Tysons

Since 1st Stage mounted its first production, the gallery has featured more than 60 artists! Twelve of those were featured in this anniversary exhibit, and each of their works was inspired or somehow connected to the play being produced at 1st Stage.

Deb Crerie, a founding artist of 1st Stage, created the gallery and mounted the first exhibition of her series; Yakku in Edo. Exhibited in the Gallery during The Suicide. Her second exhibition of her series, Bud, Blossom: BOLD curated by Ivonne Chand O’Neal was shown in conjunction with The How and The Why.  Maine Trail Shrine represents the production of Almost Maine, which was the first “in the round” play staged at 1st Stage and for which Deb Crerie/ Gadgetgrlz designed the props.

The contributing artists to the 10th  anniversary show included Lorrie  Bouhaouala, Chica Brunsvold, Teresa Castracane, Jane Coonce, Deborah Conn,  Jean Gill, Robin Harris, Susan Lamont, Elaine Nunnally, Terri Rea, and Theresa Wells Stifel.