/”kin/ /hart/

A studio named for the common bonds we all share (LGBTQA+ Family) (Hearts) (Art).

Made by people who have not always felt welcome as artists and collaborators.

This studio is about who gets to occupy space and whose comfort and catharsis are attended to.

As the art world reopens, Kinheart is an effort to help create an invitation to join in – and in doing so,
to create a safer, more buoying place.

Tall Muir Woods Trail
Tall Muir Woods Trail

Kinheart Studio

Stay well and stay in touch. Opening my studio by appointment  masking if requested, so we can get together safely.

To schedule an appointment, call 319-536-4140.
Email me at

Kinheart in New Bohemia

Deb Crerie

She is currently working with photography, technology and additive processes. Digital PhotoRealism.

Deb studied at The American University in Washington, D.C. with American artists; painters Alan Feltus, Ron Haynie and printmakers Katya Oxman and Marjorie Hirano. Her thesis advisor, Luciano Penay.

Formerly a studio resident of Columbia Pike Artist Studios, Arlington, Virginia and a member of Del Ray Artisans, Alexandria, Virginia.
Founding Artist and Artistic Associate of 1st Stage Theatre.