Fifteen Views

Digital Paintings on Metal and *XPoser Prints by Bay Photo

Much like poetry, novels, symphonies, or plays, each visual work is complete. 

A visual story. Series are made as a continuation of an exploration of a compelling idea. 

My work represents time, space, thought and process. I am able to tell you about each Fifteen Views. If you want. 

I also love that your story is added to your view. That we can connect.

“It has been said that, ‘we are lucky to live and work as artists in lowa.’

Artists from around the country are thirsting for what we have here. ‘Straight up thirsting.’

We have one of the dopest scenes in the nation. We’re just quiet about it.

We have one of the dopest state-level arts advocates (lowa Arts Council) in the nation.

We’re just so humble about it.

We have some of the dopest artists. We’re just so ‘this is what we do’ about it.

Let’s celebrate with all our hearts amazing talents.

For Iowa is an amazing art experience!”

-Akwi Nji